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We're still energized from the wonderful Cheers to 30 Years Celebration in October, and so grateful to all who contributed to making the evening so memorable. Pictured above are the commemorative glass sculptures presented to Drs. Denis Hammond, Chris Nunnink, Collier Smyth, Steve Larmon, and Ron Carroll in celebration of our 30 Year Anniversary.

We invite you to enjoy the reflections shared below, and join us in celebrating all who have contributed to our success through the years. 

Dr. Hammond’s NNECOS Anniversary Reflections

Denis B. Hammond, MD

“The 30-year Celebration of NNECOS was very moving to me, as we had a chance to see how the efforts of so many people have contributed to where NNECOS is today. In that spirit, I would like to accept this beautiful glass sculpture as a symbol of the contribution of all the people who have worked to improve the lives of people with cancer throughout Northern New England."

Dr. Nunnink’s NNECOS Anniversary Reflections

Chris Nunnink, MD

"NNECOS was a critical organization 30 years ago. Small practices needed to stay viable. Learning from mistakes was too costly - both for patients and practices. The similarities between the practices in NNECOS created a niche where everyone could learn faster. The clinical trials element and best practices policies complicated this maturation process. However, hard work and willingness to share accumulated knowledge helped all of us embrace these important missions. Subsequent evolution into stronger practices and affiliations with larger academic centers created what NNECOS has now evolved into. NNECOS is now a critical institution working to adapt to the changing environment in a smart and meaningful way. NNECOS is strong and caring and should remain relevant moving forward as long as the stewardship and mission is in line with those initial principles. I thank Denis, Dan, Elaine, Steve Larmon, and all the others I have worked with on these endeavors for making me wiser and NNECOS better."


Dr. Hill’s NNECOS Anniversary Reflections

John M. Hill, Jr., MD

"Membership in NNECOS, and serving on the Society’s Board of Directors, adds another dimension to one’s career in Hematology/Oncology, and this service gives back in so many ways.

Collaboration with other members to enhance education of trainees and regional practitioners, along with research sponsorship, legislative efforts and other endeavors, ultimately optimizes quality of patient care in the tri-state (ME/NH/VT) area, while also building collegiality and fostering lasting relationships.

At no time have the rewards of involvement in this organization been more palpable than at the recent 30-year anniversary celebration of NNECOS’ inception. It is an honor to serve in this capacity with so many capable and committed colleagues."

Elaine L. Towle, CMPE

Amy L. Stansfield, RN, MBA

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