Our Vision

  • That all patients will have access to medical practitioners certified in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and related diseases.
  • That all patients will have the financial, social, or spiritual resources they need to fully utilize the medical care available to them,
  • That the care of the patient with cancer will become an integrated multi-disciplinary system,
  • That all patients with cancer will have access to facilities capable of rendering safe, comfortable, professionally excellent oncology care,
  • That all individuals involved in the care of the cancer patient will dedicate themselves to continuously improving the quality of the care they deliver by:
    • Supporting cancer research
    • Supporting the education of cancer care professionals
    • Participating in programs which assure cancer care excellence, for example the Certification Program of the American College of Surgeons, etc.
  • That patients and their loved ones will be educated and encouraged to advocate for the services they need.
  • That all patients with cancer have access to expert care from the time of diagnosis, throughout their cancer care journey.

Northern New England Clinical Oncology Society
P.O. Box 643
Sandown, NH 03873-0643
Telephone (603) 887-1948

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