New this year:

  • Choice of two concurrent Friday morning symposiums
    • Palliative Care Symposium
    • Financial Advocacy/Patient Navigation Symposium
  • Friday evening networking dinner
  • Two poster sessions to allow more time with presenters
  • Business meeting moved to Saturday morning
  • Grunberg Memorial Lecture Saturday morning
  • Bonus Saturday afternoon workshops


Palliative Care Symposium:

Focus on Geriatric Oncology

 Start  End  Session/Activity  Presenter
 8:00am  8:50am Keynote: Exploring the Intersection Among Aging, Cancer, and Other Serious Illnesses (Multimorbidity)
Ronald J. Maggiore, M.D.
 9:00am  9:50am Beyond Frailty - Ensuring Geriatric Assessment Leads to Intervention Sarah H. Kagan PhD, RN
 9:50am  10:20am  Exhibits/Refreshments/Networking  
 10:20am  11:05am Models of Delivery of Palliative Care Panel

Andrew Hertler, MD, FACP - Moderator

Panelists: Matthew M. Wilson, MD, Lauren G. Michalakes, MD, Stephen T. Rust, MD, FACP, FAAHPM

 11:15am  12:00pm Project ECHO: A Disruptive Innovation to Expand Palliative Care in Maine
Lauren G. Michalakes, MD, Joan B. Ingram, MPH
 12:00pm  12:50pm  Lunch/Exhibits/Networking  

Navigation & Financial Advocacy Symposium:

 Start  End  Session/Activity  Presenter
 8:00am  8:50am Keynote: Value-Based Cancer Care: Creating Partnerships between the Oncology Navigator and Oncology/Hematology Physician Practices
Tricia Strusowski, RN, MS
 9:00am  9:20am

Patient Story & Round Table Introductions

  • Food Insecurities
  • Access to Medication
  • Transportation

Tricia Strusowski, RN, MS

  • Tracey F. Weisberg, MD
  • Torie Lavoie
  • Nicole Messier BSN, RN, OCN, ONN-CG
 9:25am  9:45am  Rotation #1 (Food Insecurities, Access to Medication, Transportation)
  • Tracey F. Weisberg, MD
  • Torie Lavoie
  • Nicole Messier BSN, RN, OCN, ONN-CG
 9:50am  10:10am  Rotation #2 (Food Insecurities, Access to Medication, Transportation)

  • Tracey F. Weisberg, MD
  • Torie Lavoie
  • Nicole Messier BSN, RN, OCN, ONN-CG
 10:10am  10:35am  Exhibits/Refreshments/Networking  
 10:35am  10:55am  Rotation #3 (Food Insecurities, Access to Medication, Transportation)
  • Tracey F. Weisberg, MD
  • Torie Lavoie
  • Nicole Messier BSN, RN, OCN, ONN-CG
 11:00am  12:00pm  Report Out & Discussion - Next Steps
Project ECHO and Patient Navigation

Facilitator: Aysha Sheikh, RN, MPH
 12:00pm  12:50pm  Lunch/Exhibits/Networking  

Annual Meeting Begins






 12:00pm  12:50pm  Lunch/Exhibits/Networking  
 1:00pm Welcome Paul S. Unger, MD
 1:00pm  1:45pm Plenary Session: High Quality Cancer Care for Every Patient: Politics, Policy and Quality: What's Ahead Stephen S. Grubbs, MD, FASCO
 1:55pm  2:45pm “CAR Talk” – Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T-Cell Therapy Driving Progress in the Fight Against Cancer
John M. Hill, Jr., MD
 1:55pm  2:45pm  Reconsidering Cancer Survivorship in Our Aged Society: Improving Patient Experience and Clinical Care Sarah H. Kagan PhD, RN
 2:45pm  3:05pm  Exhibits/Refreshments/Networking  
 3:05pm  3:50pm Why Cardiac Rehabilitation is Important for Cancer Patients Susan C. Gilchrist, M.D., M.S.
 3:50pm  4:35pm
Value of Exercise based Oncology Rehabilitation for cancer Survivors
Kim L. Dittus, MD, PHD, G. Stephen Morris, PT, Ph.D., FACSM
 4:35pm  5:00pm  Exhibits/Refreshments/Networking  
 5:00pm  6:00pm Plenary Session: Better Care for Cancer Patients at Lower Cost:  How Oncology Practices Can Improve Value While Remaining Financially Viable
Harold D. Miller, MS
 6:00pm  7:00pm Exhibits/Networking/Snack  
 6:15pm  7:00 pm
 Poster Session A - supportive care, prognostic markers, genetic evaluations and indications
 7:00pm  9:00pm Platinum Roundtable Dinner - Invitation Only

 8:00pm Optional S'mores Reception - Complimentary  
 7:00pm  9:00pm Optional Attendee Networking Dinner - Ticketed






 7:15am  8:30am Voting Member Business Meeting Breakfast & Member Awards  
 7:15am  8:30am General Breakfast/Exhibits/Networking
 7:15am  8:30am

Fellow/Trainee Breakfast

  • Dr. Paul Hesketh
  • Dr. Douglas Weckstein
 8:30am  9:30am Steven M. Grunberg, MD  Memorial Keynote: Current status of molecular testing in defining optimal treatment strategies in non-small cell lung cancer
Paul J Hesketh, MD, FASCO
 9:30 am
 10:15am Poster Session B: case reports and treatment
 10:15am  10:45am Exhibits/Refreshments/Networking  
 10:45am  11:30am Re-Imagining Life With Cancer
Barbara L. Jones, Ph.D.
 10:45am  11:30am Innovative Techniques in Neurosurgical Oncology
Linton T. Evans, MD
 11:35am 12:15pm  Venous Thromboembolism and Cancer: What the Practicing Oncologist Needs to Know in 2019
Deborah L. Ornstein, MD, MS
 11:35am  12:15pm

Survivorship Issues: Implications of Head & Neck Cancer Treatment Panel

Panel to include: radiation oncology, dietician, patient navigator, speech, and surgeon

Moderator: Nicole Messier BSN, RN, OCN, ONN-CG


Philip Schaner, MD

Elise Cushman RD, LD
Michelle Coogan RN
Christina M. Mimikos, DO
Zoe Kennedy, MA, CCC-SLP
 12:20pm  1:10pm

 Abstract Podium Presentations

  • Evaluation of the relationship between psychological distress and risk for breast cancer
  • Results of a Statewide Survey of Cancer Survivors in New Hampshire
  • Myeloproliferative Neoplasm Quality of Life (MPN-QOL) Study Group: MPN Experimental Assessment of Symptoms by Utilizing Repetitive Evaluation (MEASURE) Trial

Heather, Wright, MD

Whitney Hammond

Allison Smith, MD, MPH

 1:10pm  1:30pm Lunch Buffet & Distinguished Service Awards  
 1:30pm  2:15pm Lunch Lecture: Evidence-based Multi-disciplinary Management of Pancreatic Cancer  Timothy J. Fitzgerald, MD
 2:15pm  2:30pm Prize Drawings & Refreshments/Networking

Late Afternoon Bonus Workshops

(not for credit)

 Start End
 2:35pm  4:05pm  Regional Research Overview - Rural Access to Clinical Trials
 2:35pm  4:05pm  Patient Engagement Initiatives - Innovation to Improve the Patient Experience

Fellows Retreat Sessions







 Career Development and Research in Progress Brainstorming Sessions

  • Dr. Sarah Ketchum
  • Dr. Shodeinde Coker
  • Dr. Paul Unger
  • Dr. Hibba Tul Rehman

 Project ECHO Introduction

  • Dr. Mary Chamberlin
  • Rebecca Johnson
  • Dr.  Victoria Forbes
   Dinner at Flatbread - Significant others welcome

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